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Comprehensive Trademark Search

Conducting a comprehensive trademark search is a crucial first step when protecting your brand or individual looking to register a trademark. It helps identify any potential issues with the proposed trademark, such as conflicts with existing trademarks, similarity to already registered trademarks, or infringement on another party's intellectual property rights. Conducting a comprehensive trademark search can help avoid costly legal disputes, protect a business's reputation, and ensure that the trademark registration process proceeds smoothly. It also allows businesses to make informed decisions about the potential use and registration of their trademarks.

At Trademark Assured, we offer comprehensive trademark search services to identify any potential conflicts or infringement issues before filing your trademark application. Our team of experts utilizes advanced search tools and techniques to ensure a thorough search across all available databases, including international trademark registers and domain name databases.

Our comprehensive trademark search services provide clients with a detailed report of exact matches, broad matches, and similar matches, enabling them to make informed decisions about the potential use and registration of their trademarks. By opting for our comprehensive trademark search service, you can be confident that you are making informed decisions about your branding strategy and protecting your intellectual property.

Why Are Trademark Searches Important?

Save Time

By conducting a comprehensive trademark search, you can save time and resources by avoiding the registration process for a trademark that may face potential conflicts and rejections.

Save Money

Investing in a trademark search can save you from spending money on costly legal disputes or rebranding efforts, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Avoid Rejection

Conducting a thorough trademark search can help you avoid rejection by identifying potential conflicts with existing trademarks, ensuring your registration process is smooth and successful.

Comprehensive trademark search in 3 simple steps

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Answer few question about the trademark you are seeking to register so that we can run search across multiple databases.

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Detailed Report Delivery

After running a thorough search across multiple databases for possible matches, we prepare a detailed report and send it your way.

Cost-effective options to safeguard your brand through comprehensive trademark search

Federal & State Search

$99 only

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  • Federal trademark search to find similar names, logos, or slogans

  • State search, similar to trademark search, but for all 50 states

  • Detailed online report sent to you via email

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Global Comprehensive Search

$349 only

Secure your report in just 24 hours

All standard features plus

  • Domain name search to see if anyone’s using your name online

  • Global trademark search in multinational jurisdictions, including the European Community and World Intellectual Property Organization

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Frequently Asked Question

A trademark search entails reviewing public and private databases to determine whether a desired trademark is available. It's important to note that a trademark search involves more than simply ruling out "exact matches."

If a trademark application is identical or similar to an already registered trademark, the trademark office will reject it. Once a trademark application is filed, no changes can be made, and the trademark office will not refund fees for rejected trademark applications. Conducting a trademark search can help prevent wasting time and hundreds of dollars in government fees by applying for an unavailable trademark.

A knock-out search identifies trademarks that are nearly identical or identical to the one being searched for, but it does not provide a complete picture of how likely a trademark is to register. It does not consider confusingly similar trademarks in related categories of goods and services, which require knowledge of trademark case law, or earlier unregistered uses of a trademark, which necessitate a search beyond the registered trademark database.

Trademark Assured offers a common law trademark search that uses proprietary search software to search several public and private third-party databases to find potential earlier, unregistered users of the desired trademark. This search is essential for ruling out any earlier use of the trademark by an unregistered party.

Yes, Trademark Assured includes a trademark search performed by an attorney with every trademark application service. For those who want an attorney-performed search but plan to file and manage their trademark application themselves, Trademark Assured offers a stand-alone search service.

Yes, it is. The search report includes a review of public and private third-party databases to find potential earlier, unregistered users of a desired trademark to avoid future trademark infringement issues.

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David Lee
Bode Ltd

See What Our Clients Have to Say

I needed to dissolve my company and didn't know where to start. Trademark Assured provided me with step-by-step guidance and made the entire process stress-free. Their team was professional and responsive to all of my questions. I highly recommend their services for anyone in need of company dissolution assistance.

Emily Chen
Sells on Amazon

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Trademark Assured helped me navigate the complicated process of registering my brand with the Amazon Brand Registry in the UK. Their team was knowledgeable and provided valuable insights that I wouldn't have known otherwise. I highly recommend their services for anyone looking to protect their brand on Amazon.

Michael Johnson
Greenfelder LLC

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I received an office action notice and didn't know what to do. Thankfully, I reached out to Trademark Assured and they provided me with a comprehensive response that addressed all of the issues. Their team was extremely helpful and I would recommend their services to anyone in need of an office action response.

Jane Smith
Leuschke Ltd

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I was worried about renewing my trademark, but Trademark Assured took care of everything. Their team was professional, and knowledgeable, and made the entire process smooth and seamless. I couldn't be happier with their service and highly recommend them.

Drew D. Wilkins
Owns a Flower Shop

See What Our Clients Have to Say

Trademark Assured made the process of registering my trademark so easy and stress-free. They were extremely helpful throughout the process and their team was very responsive to all of my questions. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to protect their brand.

Sarah Thompson
Owner of Delta Diaries

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I was hesitant to register my trademark at first, but working with Trademark Assured was a game changer. Their team walked me through every step of the process, provided valuable insights, and made everything easy to understand. I'm glad I chose them and highly recommend their services.

Alex Rodriguez
Co-founder - Ring Dynamics

See What Our Clients Have to Say

I recently registered my trademark with the help of Trademark Assured, and I'm thrilled with the outcome. Their team was knowledgeable, and professional, and provided excellent guidance throughout the entire process. They made sure all of my questions were answered and helped me feel confident in my decision to register my trademark. I highly recommend their services for anyone looking to protect their brand.

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